Pastoral Team

Peter Trokhimenko

Lead Pastor

Pastor Peter has been serving at SFG Church for over 20 years in various ministry leadership roles. In 2023, he stepped in as Lead Pastor after Paster Eugene formally retired. Pastor Peter has an extensive background in church leadership including time as a youth leader, church deacon, associate pastor as well as church board member. He loves the Lord dearly and has a heart for the community. He has been married to his wife Alla for over 24 years and together, they have four children.

Our Ministry Team

Eugene Pylypiv
Pastor Emeritis

Pastor Eugene has over 40 years of pastoral ministry experience. His pastoral career started early in Ukraine during the Soviet Union when Christians were persecuted. He started a church in his home town of Ivano-Frankivsk where he became Bishop of the region. The church thrived and grew during his time there and today is one of the largest churches in the area. Pastor Eugene moved to the United States in 1999 with his wife  and seven children and began his pastoral ministry here shortly afterwards. He pastored SFG Church for over 20 years, during which he trained young leaders. In 2023, he stepped down from his lead pastor role and now serves as Pastor Emeritus providing spiritual guidance and continuing to serve. 

Alex Trachuk
Associate Pastor

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Andrey Tsupruk
Associate Pastor

Pastor Andrey is the newest pastor on the pastoral team. He has been ministering at SFG Church for over five years. He along with a group of leaders started our second service - the English language service. He is passionate about outreach and engaging with the community. Pastor Andrey has a Masters degree from Wheaton College in Evangelism and Leadership. He served at Alpha USA for over 4.5 years, helping churches in the US adopt the Alpha Course and create a space for people to explore the meaning of life. Pastor Andrey is married to Irina and together they have seven children.